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Jay Hatkesh!

NAGAR has completed nine years of tireless service to our nagar community and now has entered in the 10th year. NAGAR thanks to all our community members, life members, all nagar associations and past NAGAR Team members for their continued support to promote NAGAR vision through various activities with a very simple goal to bring our community together and, preserve and promote our culture.

Your overwhelm supports have become more visible through our active and very efficient website and its credit goes to Harshal Chhaya, one of our team member, the webmaster and Secretary of NAGAR. Our website was hit by more than 50,000 visitors in less than last two years. All our activities, accomplishments and goals (set earlier which needs to update) are posted at the link on our website.

Now NAGAR has entered in the 10th year and have planned to celebrate its 10th anniversary at the National Nagar Convention 2008 hosted by The Nagar Mandal of Greater Chicago. We all are excited and Chicago Mandal is working very hard to make it a remarkably successful event.

Before we move on we like to get your feed back and opinion to make necessary changes in by-laws prior to election by the end of the year to better serve our community. Please go over the following points I like to be discussed, and be prepare to give your opinion and suggestions to fulfill our commitments to our nagar community.

  1. NAGAR and all nagar associations in USA; not different to each other, have a common goal to bring our nagar community closer, and to fulfill that common goal we both have an added obligation and responsibility as organizations to support, promote and work coherently. (Do you agree the mutual support and work coherently certainly will help unite all nagar nationally as well globally? )

  2. Since we're in process to amend NAGAR by-laws, I sincerely request all members particularly the leaders of the organizations to reach to their hearts and step out with enthusiasm to help build a strong common platform to voice the need of all Nagars first nationally as well globally. (Do you agree to help build a common platform?)
    Do you approve the way NAGAR is moving forward to bring our community together? Yes No Don't know
    Do you agree the mutual support and work coherently certainly will help unite all nagar nationally as well globally? Yes No Don't know
    Do you agree to help build a common platform for all nagar? Yes No Don't know
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